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5 Enrichment Tips for Cats

Cats thrive on mental and physical stimulation. They are natural explorers who, in the wild, would hunt or scavenge for food. In some cases, cats lacking proper mental stimulation can develop behaviour issues.

To help you avoid this, we’ve listed 5 easy and affordable methods of keeping your cat's mind busy.

1. Boxes

As you’ve probably found out, cats love boxes! Take a look around the house, can you turn any of the empty boxes you have lying around into cat toys?

Egg Cartons:

Anything with a simple open/close mechanism is ideal. Put treats inside, shut the box and watch your cat figure out how to get them!

Cardboard Boxes:

Cats love hiding in boxes, not to mention jumping on top of them. Why not arrange boxes into a kitty jungle gym? You could put it together in minutes and keep your cat happy for hours.

Poke holes in the boxes and put treats inside –  whenever you can, it’s great to combine feed time with play time.

2. Teach Your Cat Tricks

Contraire to popular opinion, dogs aren’t the only pets that can learn tricks! You can teach your cat a number of tricks in the same way. Just as you would with a dog, always use positive reinforcement (clicker training, for example) and reward them with tasty treats. Again, feed time and play time mixed together works wonders!

3. Interactive Toys

This will help strengthen the bond between you and your cat as by playing together, you increase the number of positive experiences. A good example of an interactive toy is a wand, a.k.a. Catnip Teaser. They have strings, feathers and fabric, all of which will attract your cat’s attention and no doubt provide you with plenty of amusement, too!

4. Interactive Feeders

Problem solving toys and feeders are fantastic for enrichment, particularly for when you’re out of the house as your cat can play with them alone. There are a wide range of interactive feeders on the market, but it’s possible to make your own out of boxes.

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5. Perches

Bring the outside world in! Cats feel safest when up high and a perch would provide great views. One way or another, it’s important to ensure your cat is able to see out of the window. Why not purchase – or build – a cat jungle gym? Your cat can play on these and climb up high. Remember, you know your cat best so be wary of how they interact with other cats outside in the street. 

Can you think of more cat enrichment games? If yes, let us know!